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To filter or not to filter, that is the question. Did you know that 97% of the western Europe does not fluoridate the water, why? How does chronic drinking of tap water affect our bodies? Are there safe amounts of fluoride intake or is even the smallest amount bad for us? I did some quick research to answer some of my questions.


Let us start with the reason why we starting adding fluoride to tap water in the first place. Fluoride research began in 1901 when Frederick McKay discovered a community in Colorado with badly stained teeth. McKay's discovery sparked a 30 year research venture. Around 90 percent of the children born in the town had signs of the brown stains. What he discovered was that children were at higher risk of having the brown stains and that those that had the brown stains were more resistant to tooth decay. He then moved to studying more stained teeth cases in Oakley, Idaho, were a new pipeline had been placed. McKay advised the town to stop using...

Have your ever wondered what your doctor's office is like behind the scenes? I am sure that we all have had the same thought after encountering an overly bubbly customer service representative, "Are they really that happy or are they faking to dazzle me into buying something?"  We want to invite you to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Davis Family Dental Care. 

We are all just people in the end and people have ups and downs. In all honesty though, all marketing schmoozing aside, the people on the Davis Family Dental Care team are some of the most authentically happy people you can find. Why is that? When you take a closer look you will find a couple things in common. I believe these prevalent attributes are what makes us happy and what gives us the ability to love what we do. 


When someone is labeled a "people pleaser" it is sometimes connected to bad connotation. Our team could be accused of falling under this categ...

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