Have your ever wondered what your doctor's office is like behind the scenes? I am sure that we all have had the same thought after encountering an overly bubbly customer service representative, "Are they really that happy or are they faking to dazzle me into buying something?" We want to invite you to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at Davis Family Dental Care.

We are all just people in the end and people have ups and downs. In all honesty though, all marketing schmoozing aside, the people on the Davis Family Dental Care team are some of the most authentically happy people you can find. Why is that? When you take a closer look you will find a couple things in common. I believe these prevalent attributes are what makes us happy and what gives us the ability to love what we do.


When someone is labeled a "people pleaser" it is sometimes connected to bad connotation. Our team could be accused of falling under this category. When you break down the title, however, it means something very different to us. Service is the word that comes to mind when I hear people pleasing. Everyone on our team shares the drive to serve people. The everyday tasks become more enjoyable when the focus is on others. There is something so rewarding and fulfilling about seeing a patient smile more confidently because they can love their smile. Seeing our patients with healthier smiles makes us smile too!


What makes the team want to serve? These are not people lost in search of a purpose, each team member has a drive to serve. What is fueling this drive and aligning their values? The cause can be found in the center of what they love. They love God and God loves serving people. Putting God first and allowing love to be the focus of your life allows you to experience love and happiness yourself.


I am sure you have experienced the overwhelming feeling of cleaning up the party wreckage after all the guests have gone. You have also probably experienced the feeling of relief when you look over and see that one faithful friend that stayed behind to help clean up. That one simple phrase, "how can I help?", can make all the difference in the world. That phrase is commonplace here at our office. You can feel at ease knowing that your team has your back.

No we are not bubbly all the time, to answer the question, but we are dedicated to serving people and God all the time. The things that never change, behind the scenes or not, is that we believe helping people, being a team, and focusing on God, equals a healthy environment with happy people.

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